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One of the most pressing shortages facing hospitals during the Covid-19 emergency is a lack of ventilators. These machines can keep patients breathing when they no longer can on their own, and they can cost around 6 lakhs and above , each.

Now, our team is working to implement a safe, inexpensive alternative for emergency use, which could be built quickly around the Indian cities .

We are also sharing our work with other manufacturers in india and to world countries , so that we could built these equipment quickly and supply medical devices in high volumes  , saving millions of lives of our brothers ,sisters ,parents and friends.

NionAI ARC VENTILATOR with Wireless Control

ARC ventilator is a low cost , fast to assemble and highly efficient device that that can be manufactured 10 times fast and uses hand-operated plastic pouch called a bag-valve resuscitator, or Ambu bag with PEEP Valve , which hospitals already have on hand in large quantities .

The primary consideration is patient safety. So we had to establish what we’re calling minimum clinical functional requirements , that is, the minimum set of functions that the device would need to perform to be both safe and useful . 
Please note that this is not meant to replace proper medical devices, it is an emergency device when all other options are depleted. It is to be used only under medical doctors supervision and on emergency purpose .

Lets not let the lack of ventilators be the reason for more deaths from this unfortunate situation we as humanity found ourselves in.

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It is an OPEN SOURCE project , If you are interested in the Design files or want to Manufacture this ?

Reach us at

Send us a message below and we will share the complete design , firmware files and ready to manufacture production files.

Our efforts are recognized by Niti Ayog , please visit the link......

Other solutions :


Contactless temperature sensor

--Contact less body temperature measurement
--Battery operated 
--Developed in our R&D lab
--Available in wall mount form factor 

Contact for White label . IP License and OEM inquiries .


Contactless patient-monitoring sensors

Detects vital sign information such as 
--heart rate (HR)
--heart rate variation (HRV)
--relative stroke volume (SV)
--respiration rate (RR) and

--bed occupancy. 

helps reduce clinical workload and enables early detection of respiratory complications. 

Contact for White label . IP License and OEM inquiries .


Auto sanitizer dispensor system

--Releases liquid for 2-3 secs
--Hand position is detected by sensor
--Low cost and recyclable 
--Can be used with 1 to 50 liters 

Contact for White label . IP License and OEM inquiries .

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