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Choose from 1.6 Crore colours options , Just speak !

Live In Colours

  • 5m led lights strips with 2 Crore colours

  • Sync lights with music and movies

  • Brightness equivalent to 8 LED bulbs 

  • Extend it up to 20+ metres in length

UUVA is a flexible light source that you control from your voice . 
Easy to shape, bend and cut to size  to light up your home or reach extreme corners of furniture or ceiling .

Any Place Any Colour

Integrate YUVA lightstrips into furniture, in coves, behind bed or under kitchen cabinets  .

Choose from 2 Crore colours and highlight architectural features with smooth, indirect light.

Use your phone to listen to music and lights can change colors to the rhythm.

Transform any room into a dance floor and see how light reacts to your music. 

Extend your House party , TV and your gaming experience to the next level.

Parties getting awesome

Impress friends with Effects 

Choose from 6 bright and beautiful coloured SCENES for your daily activities, special moments, immersive and unforgettable experiences . . 

One Place Control

Nion App lets you control multiple Smart lightstrips from one app. Turn on lights while entering in a dark house or turn it off quietly without interrupting your sleeping baby in night.


Let the light turn on gradually to wake you up. It’s so much better than an angry alarm clock. Set the lightstrips to turn on at a pre-set time, so the lights will be around you when you open door or enter a dark room .

Wake up with natural lights

 Stay Safe 

Prevent theft by letting your lights turn on and off while you are on vacation 

 Save Energy
 Go Green 

Equivalent to four 60W bulb . Uses less power without sacrificing on brightness. 


Better health, by lighting up your home in shades best suited for you.

Tech Specs

 YUVA Wi-Fi device is colourful young brain with Wi-Fi .
LED Lightstrips are connected to it and is designed  to  work without any hub / router.
You may cut or extend lightstrips upto 40+ meters and
 reach places which can't be done with Traditional lights or LED Bulbs.  

Device information

CPU                                32-bit RISC CPU + 8-bit secondary CPU
Connection                     IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi +Wi-Fi Direct
Current                            24 Amperes per channel  
Dimensions                     60 * 60 mm

Power Input                    100~240VAC 50/60Hz

Power consumption        36 Watts

Maximum Capacity         40+ meters of lightstrips

Lightstrips information

Dimensions                 5 meters 
Lumens                       4320 lumens  
Number of  LEDs        300   
Light Color                  16 Million Colors

Lifespan                      25000 Hour

How to install


Attach lightstrips under furniture, below bed, in coves or under kitchen cabinet  


Turn on the power of YUVA device and connect to its Wi-Fi network .


Download Nion app . 

Connect to the UUVA network

Add a new device and you are done !  



vlcsnap-2016-08-17-01h59m52s214 - Copy

vlcsnap-2016-08-17-01h59m52s214 - Copy



Redefine the way

you've perceived lighting

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